Kid Wisdom

Kid Wisdom

I know.

I just said in my last blog that one post a week, on Sunday, was all I could handle.

For the most part, that’s going to be true. But for some miraculous reason, both kids are napping and napping well right now. Which gives me a chance to share something with you:

My kid is a wise, anti-shopping guru.

Yes. She blew me away today. I was all set to haul us to Old Navy, finally caving to the realization that, my almost 3 year old is finally growing out of a lot of her clothes and she is actually in need of a few items. Mostly dresses as that, for some reason, is all she wants to wear these days. We are quickly running out of options. So, I thought (with yes, a little bit of glee) that I would go check out the summer sale rack and see if I couldn’t find a few soft, practical jersey dresses that would be great for running and playing in.

I floated the idea with my girl, thinking she’d be really excited at the prospect of more dresses. I was like, “Hey! What do you say we go get some new dresses for you today?”

And she said “NO!”

I was taken aback for a moment. Surely she heard me wrong.

“You don’t want new dresses? I thought you loved wearing dresses? We don’t have much at home. Are you saying you don’t want dresses?”

“No. I don’t want dresses.”

“Are you sure?”(note how insistent and persuasive I am trying to be – that’s me resisting letting the idea go) “will you be okay with it when tomorrow you ask to wear a dress and we don’t have one?”

“Yes. We will just wear…let’s go to the park.”

“You want to go to the park instead of getting a dress?”

“Let’s go to the park”.

And so I took a breath, absorbed her infinite wisdom, and let the idea of dresses go. It was hard. But we went and we played, and, in both our estimation, it was a better way to spend our day.

I bow to my toddler teacher in all her wisdom.

Tomorrow she may tantrum that she has no dress to wear…but we’ll improvise, I am sure. Perhaps a load of laundry will reveal a few dresses we haven’t seen in a while. Hmmm.

*Bonus points for those who counted how many times I said “dresses” in this post.