Day 5: Free Stuff

Day 5: Free Stuff

Okay. So here’s something that has just come up for me. Free stuff.

Free doesn’t mean necessary. In fact, free can easily become the outlet for my ban on spending.

What’s wrong with that you ask. Well, nothing, if what I am trying to achieve is a shrunken budget. However, my challenge is motivated by the need to self examine and discover why I have the impulse to acquire things in my life. I don’t want to pass this behaviour to my kids. Think about it as the ultimate “I’m well-adjusted” training.

The other day, at the library, the librarian at story time told us about an event coming up where at the end they will give away free books. We had plans to go to the same performance only at a different library on a  different day. But, the mere mention of free books got me thinking with the mental gymnastics only a mother really can perform, how I might wrangle my kids all the way back to this library during their nap, no less, in order to get the advantage of free books.


Have you seen my kids’ shelves? (I KonMari-ed my own shelves, so they look pretty good).


Today we stayed home. We usually have something on the roster of things to do, but I decided to stay home, watch the rain outside, play with the kids and practice my ukulele. I’m truly having a lot of fun with it. And I’m getting support: I think my dad likes the idea of me doing something musical again, and my Uncle Scott went so far as to send me a bunch of ukulele music and instruction manuals via email. I feel the love.

Today is also the day I reached out a bit more via Facebook to ask for support on this venture from friends and family. It’s neat to hear that some folks have either done something similar in the past, or have at least considered the problem and can empathize with me on this.

I got some excellent advice from a former colleague about how to track down free activities and also to consider various on-line groups for swapping kids’ gear. That will be helpful and necessary!

Also a friend of mine sent me a link to this amazing  article which I think fits my challenge perfectly and will help me discern necessary from unnecessary. I was having a hard time trying to figure out where to draw the line, and asking, “is this love” seems right on point. (Although, I imagine asking this question in front of the hubs might draw critical looks from him…so I might keep this one as an internal question. Lol)

And now I have this song running through my head.