I just need, for this moment, to acknowledge something important: The only reason I can actually do a challenge like this one, in this format, is because I come from a privileged position.

For many on this planet, the idea of trying to limit what I spend would be…well, frankly preposterous. Not because they have unlimited funds (no, that is the 1%) but because many would not even have the option to spend if they wanted to. Yeah, that’s the difference. The fact that I can, if I want to, spend money I may or may not have, rack up credit card debt or what-not, that is a distinctly first world problem.

I just needed to acknowledge that.

And that’s not to diminish what I am doing or my standing in this world. We all have our challenges. We can’t be too apologetic for the life we lead. I am blessed, I truly am. That does not negate my life and the current struggles either in the physical or emotional realm.

That said:

I spent this week. I went online and I bought some clothes for the girls. At first it was an exploratory thing. I went online to see if I could track down some uber cheap blank shirts that we could decorate for ourselves, and then the bi-product would be the also much needed long sleeve shirts for my 3 year old. Much better, I thought, than just buying the cookie cutter shirts from Old Navy and the like.

But I got side tracked somehow. I got onto this site called Zulilly that I have perused in the past but never bought from. Well, there were sales by a brand that draws its inspiration from the styles in Japan, and they had some really neat designs…the price was right…The site is designed to PRESSURE you. They have limited stock and as you shop you get warnings like “only 5 left! Hurry!”. Up until you actually hit “pay” the items are subject to being selected out from under you by other shoppers while they are in your cart. They have it DIALED in. I tried to stay cool and calm….but I found these cute harem pants that were only $7 and they had them in sizes for both my girls. As I was browsing the warning came- “only 1 left!”. Well that did it. All my calm consideration fled and I went straight to check-out.

I felt like I had cheated or something. I felt a little dirty.

I think ultimately, I got some great deals, and I only bought what we would use and needed. But, I have learned. I will not be returning to that site in the near future. I know myself. I cannot make good decisions under time pressure. Knowing that, I can tell with absolute certainty that I should not use that site. But good on them for coming up with a model that generates sales. A lot of shopaholics are pretty hooked I’m guessing.

On an “I didn’t spend” note…I didn’t buy a ukulele strap though I have been wanting one. No…I made one instead. “WHAT?!” You say (if you know me, because that would mean I actually sewed something, and I don’t like sewing). It is also something I had no idea about; I’ve never had a strap for a uke or for any other instrument for that matter. I’d only seen uke straps online. So after scrutinizing them from the few photos provided on retail sites, I gave it a go. The end product is by no means a quality product. My sewing with the machine SUCKS; but it is functional. The results here:20170115_195721.jpg

Also, the book nook is a success. Even my hubs, who only “yes dear”ed me the whole time I was conceiving of it, gathering items and then executing it (with help too, as he made the shelves), has declared that he thinks it is great. Phew. The results here:20170115_154933.jpg

The whole idea was that she would be able to occupy herself in her room while I put my youngest down for a nap. The unintended side  effect of giving her that freedom is that she often tucks herself into bed after “reading” a few books, or, as pictured, falls asleep right where she is (that rug is COMFY).

Okay, no deep insights this week. I just am all about trying to get these posts out…very challenging as all my will is sucked from me once I struggle for an hour to put my kids to sleep. By the time they are still, I can’t get myself back out of bed. I was so determined yesterday (Sunday) that I would get my post finished…but as you can see, it is now Monday. I am going to hit “publish” forth with!






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