I should rename this blog. Something more fitting like…Spending Better, or…An Exercise in Futility.

Naw. Just kidding.

But, I did not escape expense this week. Actually, I am really kicking myself over a major expense that shouldn’t have happened. My hubs encouraged me to go to the dentist since we pay for insurance monthly, so I did. Long story short, the insurance company makes it so gosh darn confusing that I ended up going to the wrong dentist and so had to foot the bill. The fact that the dental office didn’t catch this (I gave them my insurance group number a week in advance) and my insurance has an almost incoherent website with misleading and obscure titles, is a source of frustration. I consider myself a fairly educated and decently smart individual. It took a lot of work to find the right information and realize my mistake… far too late, though. So, I feel like a dolt on one hand and I also feel cheated because it shouldn’t have happened; and if I find the system too confusing, I suspect many others do too. But I chose the high (and perhaps easier) road and just paid it and let it go. Sometimes it’s not worth the anxiety and anger that’s tied up in pursuing a complaint.

The purchase last week of a 1950’s Wedgewood stove sparked off a whole other thing…namely my husband launching into remodel mode. So, this weekend he cleared a huge corner of our garage and began the job of moving a door so that we can gain a bit more room in the kitchen. Some expense came of that (though, if I hadn’t blown $260 on a dental cleaning, we’d still have about $110 not spent this weekend). Grrrr.

The last purchase I made was a juicer off of that facebook page that connects buyers and sellers. I got it for $15. Again, there was a mental pause. But, I realized that I need to try this. I have been putting off the idea of a juicer for various reasons, the most convincing one being that I would probably not use it. However, recently my 3 year old has been requesting juice (the questionable stuff the hubs picks up for his own consumption)…and other sweet things and refusing the veggies I lovingly cook for her. She even doesn’t want the smoothies I’ve been making. So, in an attempt to get some micro nutrient goodness into her, I thought juicing might do the trick. Right now is the season for fruit. I’ve been socking away ripe melon in the freezer for future smoothies and, in the neighborhoods around here, people are selling pears from their backyards, so inundated are they with their harvest (picked up two huge flats of Bartlett pears for 7 bucks a flat!). So many great ingredients for fresh juices. The very same day that I bought the juicer, I cleaned that puppy right up and juiced two carrots, two apples, a bunch of kale from our garden and a peach. The next day, same idea but with the pears. My kiddo thought it was delicious. How could she not, it was SO sweet…even though there was SO much kale in there!

20160812_084515.jpg So, if I can keep that up, alternating between juices and smoothies, hopefully I can get the good stuff into my girls. I’m also hoping that the hubs will fall in line as well on occasion…he is the worst of us all, Mr. No Veg for Me.

Today while burning time waiting for some friends to meet us, me and my girls walked around several stores. As if by magic, as I walked the aisles, items I had been thinking about this week (like that doohickey that cuts zucchinis into noodles, and hedge clippers) all appeared one by one in row after row. This never happens. Usually, when I want something, that’s when there is a conspicuous absence of that item everywhere I go. But no, each aisle held something I’d been contemplating, not only that, but many of them were on sale or great prices. I, however, purchased none of those things. I figured, I’ve survived without thus far, so I don’t really need them. Good on me. I feel pretty good about that.

Last thing: some of you might have wondered what happened to my hand eczema. I’ve not talked about it in my recent blogs. That’s because it is mostly a non issue at the moment. Somehow, when I came back from Canada, it had cleared up. By all accounts, there was not one thing I could attribute to this miraculous recovery. I had tried an elimination diet, but had only done it for 30 days before leaving on our month long trip. During the trip I went back to eating whatever, I did nurse my hands a bit more by putting gloves on, as well as green clay packs and colloidal silver hand rinses. But those things in and of themselves did not miraculously cure it. Maybe all in combination? I considered that perhaps an environmental allergen that had been present in the month of May when the flair ups began, was no longer there?

I finally put my wedding rings back on a few days ago…but had to take them off that same evening because I was starting to feel itchy. Wetness trapped against the skin is a real trigger for this whole eczema thing.

I still feel a little itchy at times, but no intense spreading itch or swelling or oozing. I know how lucky I am. I will keep you updated if anything reoccurs or if the cure becomes apparent.

Right now, I need to hit the hay. I am hoping to catch the early class at the Dailey Method studio. Yes, the Groupon I purchased to try out this gym has not gone to waste. I love the work out and get there at minimum three times a week. I can already feel the difference in my body. Yay for finding something that works for me right now.




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