Man is it ever hard to do a post on Sunday night. Seriously, I just want to sleep.

So, I guess I should attempt to be succinct. Ha.

I found a new temptation. My aunt turned me on to facebook’s sellers sites that are specific to the region you live in. It took me a while to find these closed groups, but essential, once you request access, you’re in and you can start scrolling through endless posts of things for sale in your area.

I know, what am I doing dabbling with such things when I am trying to not spend? The answer is…I don’t know. I couldn’t resist. Like my husband and his Reddit, I could not look away. I felt pretty confident that it would simply be cheap thrills and that there would not be much to tempt me. Lots of listings are for knick knacks, children’s clothes etc.

I actually half signed on to these in order to use it to sell my own junk. I am planning on doing so once I get the hang of it…there is some short form language used on the sites that I am trying to figure out. You can also post “in search of”s (ISOs) which could come in handy as I am actually in search of a Strider bike for my toddler for her upcoming birthday.

All that to say, I thought I was somewhat impervious. But then, it took all of maybe 15 minutes for me to scroll to a post that I could not look away from. This one struck me to my core, because it was something I have coveted since I was in my early 20s working at a kitchen store where on display was a pine green, enamel and chrome, modern but old looking Wedgewood. It was ludicrous expensive and completely out of my range…in fact most people’s range as I never sold a single one.

Well, folks, a Wedgewood was up for grabs…from the 1950s, in apparent working order, white enamel…and from my quick research much more reliable than most modern stoves. The seller was asking $200.

So, the ultimate test, I asked my husband. I was prepared to drop it as soon as he laughed in my face. But he didn’t. He gave me his blessing.

Sooo…after a trip to a neighboring city to take a look at it, and after enlisting the men folk to go haul it after they got off work, here it is:


She’s definitely in need of some TLC but the original owners kept her really clean. The chrome has some rust, but I like to call that a patina. This beauty can heat up to 600 F which bodes well for pizza making…as well as an ability to burn super low for simmering which is something my current propane stove sucks at. It’s got a griddle in the center…I mean, come on folks, this thing is amazing. On the inside of the oven door are cook times for various 1950s dishes. So cool. We may have to do some retrofitting, but the hubs seems certain he can figure it all out. I love that man.

It actually got me and the hubs all inspired to start planning the final remodel in our house, the kitchen.

So, it would be all well and good if it all just ended there. But no…this weekend alone I picked up a bamboo and chrome stool that raises and lowers, to replace my other stool that causes my back to ache when I’m painting in the art room. That was $20.

Then, of all things, someone posted a pick of about 17 pieces of miniature furniture, plus tiny pots and pans, books, lamps etc. for $30.

What in the heck, Sharolyn, you say. Why would you want that? I know, it seems nuts. But, here’s the deal: there’s this really amazing doll house that was built for my husband’s grandmother when she was a little girl. It’s been passed down, seen hard times. Recently the hubs scraped all the old wallpaper off and painted the thing white. The plan is to redecorate it for my girls. I have been enthused about it but found no time to actually do anything with it. And I KNOW that if one does not take action on such things, in a blink of an eye, 10 years has passed and it is no longer relevant. So I took this post as my push. So, now I am in possession of enough doll furniture to outfit the house.

After all that spending, I feel like I am a hopeless failure at this whole “no unnecessary spending” thing. But if I really look at it, the purchases were valid. I guess, when I started this whole challenge, I thought my spending would stop dead. Turns out spending still happens, but in a more thoughtful way. I truly do evaluate its use. I suppose, if the goal were to not spend at all, this blog would be titled “living on nothing” or something like that.

What I did do was bring several garbage bags full of stuff to the Goodwill. It felt good to send some stuff along. In and out, that is how it works. Hopefully more out than in.

The challenge now is that I am in search of a few things for our remodel, like a sink, pot rack, flooring etc. So, no doubt I will be perusing those group pages on facebook again. The trick will be to learn how to use it for good: sell off the things I no longer need, and only buy for our specific needs.

I think I can do it.


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