Gosh, by the time I get to writing these blogs it’s so late my brain is no longer working.

I will try to be brief.

This weekend I and my two kiddos along with my sister and brother-in-law got to go to a dear friend’s wedding. It was brilliant: ceremony, food, dancing and sleeping all in one place. Our hotel room was on the 3rd floor and the ceremony and dinner/party were on the main floor. Super set up for having kids in tow…which was exactly as the bride and groom had planned as they too have a little kiddo of their own. The dancing at the end was dominated by kids, actually, which made for a lot of fun and helped me feel not so worried about “ruining” the festivities with a potentially out of control toddler who hadn’t napped all day. Luckily, my girls did really well- little M slept through the ceremony and C slept through dinner and dancing.

I am quite exhausted without the hubs here to relieve me on night duty and diaper changes. My littlest is particularly clingy as all the new environments have her wanting to come back to the “Mother Ship” frequently for nursies…and she’s teething. It was quite the trick to put both girls down for the night, all of us on one queen bed. I managed to drag a heavy chair and ottoman tight to one side of the bed…which was good because in the middle of the night my toddler was sleeping on the ottoman with her head on the bed…she moves a lot! Luckily, no falls onto the floor as a result of this arrangement. I was snug in the middle with my 10 month old on my other side, blocked by a pillow to prevent her from falling off the other side. I left the dancing early because they were both looking so beat (and I didn’t want to be that mommy who ignores her kids and just does her own thing but I LOVE TO DANCE!)…but as soon as we got to our room they were both wide eyed and ready to partay. I considered returning to the dancing in our jammies, but instead we had a mini cartoon watching session. Eventually we all fell asleep close to midnight. A small miracle since my toddler also was sort of scared of the room, and sleeping in all these new environments has her a little confused. She said ” I want to leave this room right now”several times when we first arrived. I am so impressed that despite that, she listened to me, did not freak out, and eventually slept. I’m beat.

The annoying part of all of this is that  I’ve been flaring up eczema-wise every other day since flight day. I guess the stress has been a factor. But last night, my neck and face also joined the flair up party and I think it was purely environmental. When we walked into the hotel room I immediately smelled the cleaners and whatever it is that they wash the bedding in – very perfumey. Wherever my face touched the pillow it became itchy. I had to put gloves on so I wouldn’t scratch anything. Happily, in the morning, nothing was swollen.

I’m still itchy, but it’s not as bad as it was just having left that environment. I’m also using nano silver topically because all my aunties are recommending it very highly, and since I’ve also had a consult with a friend of a friend who thinks I might have some kind of nano bacterial infection…and silver is anti bacterial….I thought I’d give it a try. 20160605_231523.jpgIt really takes down the swelling fast and seals open wounds rapidly. I am going to stick with that for a while to see if I keep healing up. It can also be taken internally, but I’m just trying it topically for the moment. If it’s bacterial, this should help. If it’s internal, this won’t necessarily be the solution.It’s a process of elimination…unfortunately I am very impatient.

Also, because it was a wedding, and because I’ve been so restrictive for so long, I totally went whole hog and ate all the foods I haven’t been having…cheese, sugar, caffeine, wine, wheat. I did notice that my tummy did not want to process the cheese so much, but otherwise no immediate discomfort. Hard to discern, really, because I did it all at once, AND I was mixing foreign bedding in with the whole thing. Right now, as I type on this Sunday night, a day after the wedding, I have a returned rash on my neck, itchy face…but surprisingly calm fingers and hand. The silver is really soothing.

So, it’s back to eating predominantly healthy food with moderate off-the-tracking. I still do not know how to incorporate the advice from the Chinese doc. I’m really trying to feel things out at the moment.

More later. For now, I sleep.


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