Day 56: Processing

Today I went to the Chinese doctor my aunt recommended, Te-Ming, for a diagnosis and consult. He couldn’t prescribe me a brew because I am nursing, but he did give me advice on the foods I should and shouldn’t be eating…and it totally turned everything I’ve been doing on its head.

Among many things, according to the Chinese medical wisdom, I should be eating carbohydrates, sugar but NOT fruit sugar, no teas but coffee is okay, dairy is okay. My skin condition and based on a reading of my pulse he can see that I have weak digestion and a lot of “damp” that needs to be cured with “fire”. So alkalizing foods should be limited (ie vegetables) and acidic foods should not be avoided. I can still have veg, but in moderation and definitely cooked. I MUST avoid all citrus including lemon (which is alkalizing). Also, avoid GMO everything as it has an effect on the skin.

So now I need time to process this complete about change. I need to decide what could possibly work for me.

Feeling a little confused right now.



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