Days 50-51: Getting Ready

It’s been a busy weekend. Some packing, some outdoor activities, a date night (yay!)

Through it all my eczema has been slowly healing up. My hands had an itch flair up but I was able to manage it and not do damage – cotton gloves save me. I just slip those on and try to think of anything but my itchy hands. The inflammation response is less, which is very encouraging.

Based off a lot of research on healing eczema, I went ahead and bought bones for bone broth. I boiled it for over 24 hours and now I’m just drinking it from a mug. Lots of good stuff in it. I like that though my diet may be somewhat restrictive, I still get to have some of my favorite things…namely delicious broth. I’m a soup girl. Most likely the result of my Asian heritage from mom’s side.

Tomorrow is Monday…and we leave for Canada at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. I should be very excited, and I will be, but right now I am more nervous about the flight. Travelling with the two girls by myself…anything is possible. I just pray that my toddler is having a good day that day and that none of us are sick. I also really pray that my eczema keeps a low profile so that I will have fully functioning hands to get me through the trip.

My work flow will not be the same once I’m there as, depending on where I am staying there may not be wifi etc., so I will probably be posting less frequently…but will find some way to track how I am doing because I still want to stay accountable.

I’m pretty beat. More packing and organizing tomorrow.

Night, night.


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