*This post is yesterday’s post, however, unexpectedly, like all the electronics in our house it would seem, the modem conked out mid-writing. $100 later, we now possess a new one. Sigh*

I chose sleep over writing yesterday. I think it was the right choice. I’ve had relief from itching going on for about three days and it is…heaven. I am a little…tentative in celebrating, however, because I fear that more relapses are in the future. One day at a time, and I continue to eat as well as I can.

Now, on the spending front: I had to enter the den of temptation, Costco, today in order to get my hands on some food stuffs and “sucky packs” as my girl calls them ( pureed fruit and veg in those convenient packs with lids) for our flight next week.

For the most part, we did great. Only the stuff on the list…and the stuff I forgot to put on the list but we truly needed. But then, I came to a display of backpacks. Now, these backpacks called because, 1. the backpack I (and my husband) have been using almost continuously as a baby bag is falling apart slowly, and 2. it has a laptop sleeve inside ( I plan on bringing my laptop for entertainment in flight).

I have a plan: I’m a mom of two under three, so I didn’t have much time to stand in the aisle trying to logic it out. Also, Costco is notorious for having stock one day and not the next. So, I decided to get it and I’ll do a trial pack at home to see if it is useful to me. It has got to work as my one carry-on. I want to be as light and compact as possible. If not, I have time to return it.

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Anyone have thoughts?? Am I just using some elaborate scheme to buy new? At this point, I just don’t know. I will have to run my test pack and see. Then, the old pack will have to move on out in order for this to be a legitimate switch.

Hey, check out the food I’ve been experimenting with. Since I’m going wheat free for a while, but love pizza, I sought out an alternative. Here is a cauliflower crust with smoked salmon, nitrite free salami, arugula, onion and cashew parmesan ( dairy free), with kraut on the side and anise stem pickles I made last week as an experiment :


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