I’m not going to write much tonight because I think I am going to head to bed as soon as possible. This girl needs sleep.

What I will say is that today I had an absence of itching entirely…and it was amazing. Aside from my skin still hurting as it heals its open wounds, it did not itch! I’ll take it.

Had a fantastic, simple day meeting up with a new play date friend. The girls were subdued, still tired from their day at the beach yesterday. They slept really well at nap time.

I got a good start on boiling up some bone broth soup as well as chicken stock from a whole chicken I’d cooked the other night (good for the skin, I hear!) as well as making a batch of kale chips…and cooked dinner. Felt very productive.

Starting to feel sad about leaving the hubs for a whole month. The girls are going to miss their daddy a whole lot and I will miss his quiet, strong support. He really saves my butt day in and day out; as soon as he gets home from work he gets on kid duty and really does his part.

Nuff said. Good night.

One of my morning green smoothies became fodder for kids’ play when I stupidly left it in arms reach. 

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