Just so everyone knows, the original intent for this blog, that of not spending on unnecessary and ill-thought-out expenditures, still stands. This is day 45!

In that vein I must report that I have been mainly good on that front. The only extra spending has been on travel related goods, ie a child restraint, and on healing my eczema stuff, like colon hydrotherapy, and organic foods. Also an e-book called “The Eczema Cure”.

But last night, I went on Groupon. I know, ‘uh oh’ you say. And yes, I could have easily gone to the dark side and splurged on the 1,000 thread count sheets down from $300 to $34 in their clearance section (yes…I looked)…but I didn’t. I didn’t because I was on a mission. I want to return from my trip to Canada in a month and hit the ground running with some form of fitness. I want to continue to run, but I have to go a little easy with that because my knees can get injured rather easily. I had learned that there was a Groupon deal for “the Daily Method” which is a workout that combines barre, pilates and yoga in a workout that essential kicks ones butt. I want to try it. I hope that it’s for me. I really hope so, because not only is it close to where I live but it also has childcare!! Yes, childcare. For like, $5 per kid! Yes.

So it might be a frivolous expenditure, but I don’t believe so. I hope I love it as much as I loved Bikram yoga (when I could afford to spare 3 hours of my day ). The Groupon is for one month unlimited access so I hope to be able to use it to its fullest and assess from there whether or not to continue.

I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out what kind of spending I will still allow. I wanted to weed out all the spending that is purely a void filling exercise, all the impulse stuff that ended up as clutter and unused. At  first, starting off with this blog I was very gung ho and thought that I would just go extreme and not allow any expense. But I realize that that is not realistic. What this is truly about is knowing myself, and stopping to ask the question “Is this necessary. Why am I buying this? Will it be used? Is there an alternative that doesn’t require buying this item” and coming back with a truly honest answer. Also, tilting the expenses I do incur more towards self care rather than empty temporary “treats” that are not good for me or simply feed my vanity or illusions.

A few blogs back I mentioned I’d signed up for a free olive oil via another blogger but had to sign up for their paid membership in order to receive it. I was struggling with then un-registering and appearing like I was some cheapo person taking advantage of them. But I did it folks, I un-registered. It was an offer they provided and said there were no strings attached, so I simply took them at their word. This was a big step for me.

As far as physical healing…

My hand is functional, which in and of itself is a relief. It looks awful but they are back to normal size and I can bend my fingers again.20160524_134448.jpg It was itchy today so I put on those cotton gloves and distracted myself.

I also got out and joined my aunt and her charge for an awesome day at the beach. What an awesome day. I feel recharged…even as I feel entirely exhausted. We got a lot of sun and sand and gorgeous views. Why don’t I do it more often (I say this every time I go to the coast)?!

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