Hey there *sheepish grin*,

I’m okay. I’m sorry to have frightened, discomfited or in any other way affected you.

Did I mention I am not one to hold back on the sharing? Thank you for those who read and offered advice and comfort. I am deeply comforted. There is a lot of wisdom in our collective hearts and brains!

I’m not all better by a long shot…but I do feel myself. What a few hours alone can do for the soul! Finding a moment to just be alone, dig deep and breathe goes a long way to soothe the agitation and stress that I know is helping the itching reach its highest amplitude.

A lot of you were concerned that I am staying the course in regards to a natural approach to healing out of stubbornness and a sense of pride. Yes, I will admit that I have some of that going on…but mostly it’s because I am finally listening completely to my intuition. This is something I have been working on for a long time, trusting my inner guidance. It’s strong, but I have too many times side-stepped it, either by ignoring it or giving into the opinion of others ( I am easily swayed). Too many times I’ve ignored my sense of where I should go and wandered down another path because of some outside influence, only to discover it is not what I want or what works, and I get annoyed that I wasted the time. I know I don’t need to explain, but I want to:

The reason I’m not going conventional is because I’ve been doing a lot of research, and from what I’ve learned the standard treatment for eczema is topical steroids. It does bring temporary relief but as soon as you stop using the cream it comes back with a vengeance, requiring a stronger cream and so on ( and becoming reliant on it). The result is that the eczema is not cured but temporarily masked. When you do finally decide to clear it via diet and healthy living, you then have to go through even worse outbreaks as you detox. On top of that, I am a nursing mother – I do not want my largest organ absorbing steroids into my system and passing it on to my kid. I do not subscribe to the belief that our bodies can be compartmentalized and that what we do to one part ie my hands, will have no effect  on the rest of me.

I am not against combining modalities. In the past, when I had a bad reaction to hair dye, I used Chinese medicine and Western medicine to resolve it. When I had a persistent foot fungus, I went nuclear using western medical anti fungal cream. This is different now. I know this is not a fungus, it is most likely not environmental (though I am taking steps to make sure that’s not the case), this is a long-term issue I’ve had that I am finally addressing through changes to my lifestyle – mainly through food and exercise. By all other accounts from people who have done this before me and succeeded, it can be a long road with many reoccurrences as the body works it out of the system.

I’m sorry if I frightened anyone with my apparent “break down” in my blog yesterday. I was definitely feeling low. In the spirit of this blog I am being entirely transparent. This ain’t no ‘Martha Steward perfect me let me motivate you through my perfection’ type of blog. Please know that whatever I do or say, I am always grounded in a deep knowing that I am complete and will perservere.

But if you need evidence that I am truly okay, check out this stack of laundry I’ve been doing! Yeah! Back at it baby!!20160523_160739.jpg


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