I tore up my hand again. I was agitated. I was telling my hubs about the CARES harness I’d purchased for my toddler for our flight. He, of course, was not supportive of it. He has this thing with car seats and the like – he doesn’t believe they do anything and that it is all hype. Eventually he came around to understanding my position, if not on the safety aspect of it, then at least on the fact that it would help me keep her contained and seated ( I will be also holding an in-lap infant). But by the end, I’d unconsciously scratched my fingers and they got swollen and weepy again.

On a positive front, I got out running after quite a few days of not. My motivation? My girl had lost her “tan doggy” and since we couldn’t find it anywhere, and the last time I’d seen it in her hands we were at the park, I assumed it was there. It was a long shot, but I thought we might as well take an early morning run over there and have a look. I’ve been feeling pretty drained, so it was not easy. I did a lot of walking. Long story short, we couldn’t find doggy anywhere. I think I was more broken up about it than her – she seemed okay with the fact that he “may have gone home with another friend” but I, one, hate to lose anything, and two, I knew my sister had given it to her so I felt attached. She also has a bit more of an affinity for this toy over the many others she plays with. But, no luck.

We got home just before it got really scorching hot. We all have scratchy throats and runny noses. Yay. Decided it was a stay inside day.

When nap time came around, I unfurled the covers of her bedding, and there tan doggy was!

It’s the end of the day now. I’m exhausted. My shift was extra long today because the hubs got back from work and wanted to do some work on the house, so could we please “pretend he wasn’t there”. I really do look forward to getting some help in the evening because I’m usually about spent by that time, so I was not very cool about it. But once I’d wrapped my head around it, I rallied. We did some stuff in the garden ( my toddler is very good at catching chickens when they get out of their enclosed area…something about her being low to the ground, they don’t see her coming), ate a yummy dinner of lamp chops on a bed of potatoes (which I couldn’t have)with fresh crisp, raw,sweet sugar snap peas. Then I bundled the girls into the bike trailer and we went to the local grocery so I could pick up more golden flax seeds for the crackers I’ve been making. Got her a treat of yogurt covered raisins and some klondike bars for the hubs as a reward for all of his hard, dirty work under the house. Got some amazingly sweet organic blue berries on sale. I’m not supposed to be eating much fruit but I couldn’t resist a few – nature’s candy!

I wanted to post a video today instead of writing, but there were technical difficulties. We’ll see if I can get that figured out soon.


In the spirit of this blog and being completely transparent, I have a confession to make. I made an online “purchase”. A blogger I follow, called Mommypotamus, had an offer to give away free fresh olive oil via her site. I don’t normally do things like that, no matter how legit, but I’ve been so much into looking at healthful foods recently and olive oil was one of those things- apparently something like 80% of the olive oil we buy is not pure and really, really old.  Past six months, it loses all of the healthful benefits that are always touted. The olive oils we buy in the store take over 6 months to even make it over here in containers ships, and then they sit on shelves for gosh knows how long. There are also a lot of write-ups about adulterated olive oils , we think we’re buying olive oil but it is far from it. So this oil is from  The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club , and I just received it today. It is free and free to keep, but I did have to sign up for the club first. Now, I will have to un register. I hate doing things like that. I am the type of person who, if offered something free, feels she has to make up for it by really supporting that person/business. The question that keeps roiling around in my brain is: is high quality, real olive oil a necessity? Or, am I being drawn in, as with any purchase. Is it frivolous? Should I spend the time and effort to look for local sources of freshly pressed olive oil ( I do live in Nor Cal after all)? Do I have time to do that? Wouldn’t it be easier to have it sent to me?

I can’t decide. Please help.


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