I feel weird. I just shopped on Amazon. That should be a no-no these days.

But I am flying to Canada in two weeks and I finally sat down to do some planning…and I realized that I hadn’t considered the safety factor of strapping my toddler into her own seat. I then fell down the rabbit hole of conflicting information and opinions on the matter, and arrived at: I can’t do anything for my baby who will be an “in lap” infant. Aviation requirements do not allow vest harnesses nor to have the baby secured in a carrier on take off and landing. Scary. Basically, if we are in any accident there is no way to hold on to my baby.

For a toddler you have the option of bringing on board an FAA approved car seat – ummm…no way. How could I possibly carry that plus a baby and toddler?! Or, the CARE harness restraint system that allows you to modify the existing lap belt to fit a kid up to age 4.

So, that folks, is what I just purchased. It is necessary I think. Not only will it be added safety, but it will help keep my little wiggler more firmly in place. She is accustomed to the feel of shoulder and sternum straps so I’m hoping it will give her a feeling of security. I hope I don’t regret it as I try to install it on the fly as we board!

Before I started my late night researching, I’d been planning on going to bed with the kids. I’ve been feeling really drained lately. Not sure if it’s diet related, but I don’t see that I am under nourished in any way. My diet may be restrictive, but I’m eating all the time and getting lots of protein and good oils.

See! Home made chicken & cauliflower curry with cauliflower rice…and jasmine rice for the hubs and toddler
Made mango lassies for everyone but myself. Me? I enjoyed my green smoothie.

I suspect I am just really tired and need to catch up on some zzzzzs.

So, with that in mind. I bid you good night.

My face and neck are eczema free!
The hands need work. I know they look scary. But dry is good. Under the flaking skin is new skin with new promise.



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