Finally, not that much to report.

I must just stay the course. As time drags on, motivation can wane. My job is to not let that happen. I’m visualizing the goal of having my hands back to completely normal so that I can do ceramics again without pain, can paint and draw, can put my wedding ring back on, can bathe my kids without wincing…I can picture it. I’m going to get there.

Got out running today though my energy levels were extremely low. How to keep motivated to run? The key for me is to give myself time to prepare mentally to go out…drink water, have a smoothie, feed the kids. It helps to get into my running gear and then unfurl the double Bob in anticipating of strapping the kids in. Another blogger, Frankie Francies says it best in her post Morning Run Motivation. This blogger also has an eczema story to tell, much more challenging than mine. She is very inspiring.

I also learned via facebook today that my dear high school art teacher has some very serious health stuff going on. The kind of stuff that is sobering and puts what I myself am going through into perspective.

Life. It’s the challenges that make it interesting, and heartbreaking and amazing.

Walking down the aisle of untouchables

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