It’s amazing the machinations and contortions the brain can go through in order to justify things.

I actually caught myself thinking that buying dresses for an upcoming wedding is a necessity. Luckily, all thoughts of shopping must come under close scrutiny, and so, I really gave it some good thought. And what I came up with was, no, dresses are not a necessity. Yes, my toddler has outgrown most of her dresses…but not all. What I realized I was longing for was this cute trio: mommy, toddler and baby in matching, or at least homogeneously coloured outfits looking darn cute together. The reality is, we will be darn cute together regardless.We will not look like a matching trio; we will be a hodge podge of clothes that we do fit, but it will in no way impact the way anyone views us. No, in fact, the day will not be about us at all, it will be about my friend whose wedding it is. What we wear will in no way impact the way we enjoy the day.

Another challenging moment: talking with another mom and she mentioned going to the GAP and seeing they had a kids section, and then that the store was closing for good so there were crazy sales. Suddenly I wanted to go see those sales. Suddenly I wanted that store to not close, even though I could count on my hands how many times I’ve been there. I just thought, gosh darn, the store will be closed before my year of not spending is up. Crazy. This is deep rooted, folks.

On the eczema front, my face and neck feel almost entirely normal. Last week it felt like I was recovering from sunburn, there was an overall tingle and wherever the eczema had cropped up the skin felt thick and tight. Today it feels like normal skin, I can smile without feeling it stretch. Also, most of the peeling skin has come off so I don’t look quite so scary when I go out in public.

My hand, however, still has patches of itchiness and I am not doing well resisting the urge to scratch now and then. My palm looks particularly terrible. It was actually really doing well, but I went for a run and had to push the stroller, and the mere act of applying pressure on my palm reactivated the itch. In a moment of agitation, I gave into a scratch and kinda opened up some wounds. There’s also a place between my pinky and ring finger that just keeps weeping. I’m going to try to apply a green clay to that area to see if I can dry it out.20160512_165517.jpg

But overall, doing well. I managed to fit in a run and I am keeping up with the green smoothies and mostly veg, low grain and fruit diet. I am looking forward to being able to reintroduce more fruits soon as it is coming up on amazing fruit season here in Cali.


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