Day 31

It’s day 31! That means I’ve been doing my ‘No Frivolous Shopping’ challenge for a month. I’ve gone a month without shopping once before and it was incredibly hard and I immediately spent again as soon as I was done. Somehow, with the goal of a whole year looming ahead, 31 days didn’t seem so hard. Probably because it is a mere drop in the bucket. Also, I’ve had the eczema struggle to distract me.

I can’t help feeling like I am somehow failing my shopping challenge in that new expenses have been incurred as a result of my eczema detox. However, as I go over and over what I’ve spent, namely money on whole, organic foods, I don’t actually find any unwarranted spending. The fact that we have not eaten out at all for 31 days is huge. I am in the kitchen more, but not that much more. My hubs has noted that our counter top compost bin fills up really quickly what with all the greens I’ve been consuming; he has to empty it out every day now.

I like that the whole family is benefiting from the increased greens in our diet. I am putting it in everything, so it is inescapable. No doubt my hubby is going out on his own during the day and eating junk food, but so long as it’s not in front of the kids, it’s alright. Though, in my ideal world, we’d both be entirely on the same page and enthusiastic about maintaining our health. Perhaps one day…

I know my taste buds have been reset after essentially two weeks of low to no sugar. I ate a cucumber today and actually could taste an intense sweetness in it. A carmelized squash my mum-in-law cooked tasted like it was drenched in honey, and she swore up and down that it was just the pure squash.

I must say I am looking forward to being able to add a bigger variety of fruits back into my diet. Two more weeks to go of this more extreme approach and then I can start re-introducing.

Still itchy today. I admit I am not fully in control of my itch response. As a result my hands are pretty sore, but the wounds are healing quickly…and right now, as I write, I am not feeling the overall itch that was distracting me earlier in the day.

I am considering adding some meditation time to my day, just to visualize my skin in the state I want it to be in. I found myself fearful that after all this effort, I would not be able to overcome this eczema. I know how powerful the mind is when it comes to healing…now I need to harness it and also trust it.


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