Whooo! What a full weekend.

And I am amazed by the changes in me in a mere week. I am still itchy in patches, especially my fingers, but the overall inflammatory response is a lot less. If I do catch myself scratching, it doesn’t turn into a big swollen oozing mess. I was actually able to gently exfoliate the peeling skin all over my face without causing more inflammation. That is progress!

I am continuing on with the greens dominant diet. I have not felt deprived one bit so far. Perhaps because the novelty is still there. Mostly, though, because I am feeling good…and lighter too though I haven’t stepped on a scale.

Another colonics appointment showed a lot of progress- a decrease in candida- a very good sign that they are dying out due to lack of sugars. I just need to stay the course.

The true test was today, Mother’s day, at my mother-in-laws. When we get together there is always great food…and great desserts. But I came prepared with my own arsenal so that if temptation or hunger struck, I could overcome it. There was tons for me to eat, because I have very thoughtful family members, and I ended up feeling only slight twinges of desire for the other foods they were eating!

Yummy home made kale chips were my buddy while everyone indulged in delicious pies.

We also got outside today for a run and some gardening. Gotta get some greens planted so I don’t have to keep hitting up the farmer’s market.

20160508_103613.jpgI do enjoy the sprouts I get from one farm stand; the broccoli, cilantro, onion, pea, barley sprouts, you name it. They do come at a premium, so I only get a small batch, enough for a smoothie and some left over to top a salad. Over buying is something I try to avoid…though I am still trying to get a sense of how many greens I go through in a week. I am hoping to have that dialed in in the near future. If I can grow more myself, I think I will feel even better about all this…but there is only so much a momma can do. We shall see.20160507_120845.jpg

Dressing my toddler up this afternoon to go to Nana and Papa’s house for a Mother’s day brunch, I realized that she has almost no dresses left that she fits. Somehow she had a major growth spurt that I didn’t quite catch on to. That got me thinking…is a dress a necessity? But really, the reason I didn’t know that she’d outgrown her dresses is precisely because of the fact that she rarely wears dresses. Sooo…yes, a dress is nice, but not a necessity at the moment.

…though… dang, I just realized we are going to a wedding in June….

We will cross that bridge when we get there!



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