It’s kind of funny how this blog started out just to document my process of trying not to spend money on frivolous things, a shopping detox, and now has essentially been hijacked by my eczema struggle, a full body detox. Proving that really nothing is more important or pressing than your health when you are in the midst of a health crisis.

And amazingly this all seems to be resonating with many of you. A lot of you out there are struggling with the same thing.

I am also encouraged to hear a lot of feed back from those who have dealt with this and found a resolution for themselves…and each person has found their own way. That can be encouraging or discouraging, however you might look at it, but it means that the causes are also extremely varied. I’ve heard that going to a naturopath was the answer, the chiropractor, baths with olive oil, and even a more conventional route using Reactin.

This is what happened today: I woke up feeling pretty good. In fact, a lot of the areas of rash had started to dry up and be less bumpy. My hubby went off to work after seeing that I appeared ready to face the day.

The goal, my brother-in-law reminded me was to first of all, not scratch. Truly, if I do scratch, the momentary relief is followed by a lot of pain and a renewed cycle of open wounds, oozing and inflammation. I have not been able to fully bend the fingers on my right hand for over a month between the swelling and splitting. Well, I have done pretty well this cycle, I try to distract myself if I feel an itch. Cold packs are recommended, though with two kids its rare if I can get out a prop like that- I need my hands free. So I planned on going for another run.

But before that could happen, I had some challenging moments with my toddler…and that got me itching! Yes, the stress I experience when trying to redirect her from being physical with her baby sister, and dealing with her resistance, ups my itchiness factor! Well, I found myself scratching and I couldn’t stop. Not until my hand was all torn up again. It was like trying to stop a train. And in that moment, the itching was so bad I thought I would prefer the pain that would inevitably follow.

Of course, scratchers remorse immediately set in. As a mom, I use my hands all the time. I clean diapers a million times a day, wash my hands, clean and prep food. Not using my hands is not an option, and now everything is painful. Still, I put on the biggest bandaid I could find to cover my palm, shoved that beast of a double Bob stroller in the back of the old Volvo and off we went. I knew I had to get out or I would tear myself to pieces.

Perhaps because of the frustration of having given into the itching, or because I wanted as much distraction for as long as I could, I took us to Spring Lake and made it a goal to go all the way around it. I didn’t even care that it was forecast to rain.

No, I did not run us off the edge of this dock…but the itchiness sure made me contemplate just diving into that frigid water.
My cutie

It felt good. I welcome the pain in my legs and lungs any day. Bring on the lactic acid and muscle aches. I made it my goal to smile at everyone I passed. Anything that would take my mind off the state I was in. And it worked. And I sweat.

Admittedly, immediately after the run, my face felt more inflamed and splashing cool water on it didn’t help. But I powered through, laid out a picnic I had hastily prepared for the girls, and before I knew it, we’d finished our food and the flair up had passed.

The side benefit is that we exhausted ourselves and all had an early nap.

Interestingly (knock on wood too) though the kids both have coughs and now runny noses (again) I don’t.  I came down with each and every illness these kids had this past fall and winter. I do feel like this nutrient dense approach to eating that I’ve embarked on is a real immune booster. Even if I am not seeing immediate skin changes, I do feel good; whether that’s mental or truly physical so early in the game, I don’t know. But I’ll go with it.






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