Let me just say, I have the most amazing husband in the world.

There are times, especially these days, when I do not give him the attention he deserves. We are so busy taking care of the kids that we barely see each other. So the fact that he had it in him to do what I am about to tell you in the next paragraph, means a whole lot.

This morning I woke up after a rough night in which my face was itchy and oozing. I could barely keep it together. I think I mumbled something like, ” I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this day”. Then as I blended my green smoothie in the kitchen I heard him make a call. He was staying home to help with the kids for the morning.

Relief swept threw my body.

Then, he took my oldest girl out shopping with him for some HEPA air purifiers – this purchase was all him, folks, so it’s A OK! I had no input. He thinks the girls are getting coughs at night because of the allergens in the air which are particularly bad this year after all that gorgeous rain. Plants are happy and very much into sharing their joy through pollen dispersal.

So, I had the morning with just my 9 month old. I had room to breathe (literally and figuratively) and in the space that opened up in me, I thought, the piece of this puzzle that I have not been working on is exercise. And I actually felt like I had a bit of energy. My little one looked sleepy, so now was the time, what the heck. So, that’s what I did. I dug out the ol’ running pants and strapped on my running shoes, got her into the Bob and off we went.

I am so glad I did. Not only was it a fantastic distraction from the itching, it was also a mood lifter. I also read that sweating helps the skin detox, so bring it on! I am, however, rather unfit. So it was more of a run/walk/run scenario. But it felt GOOD.

So good in fact that, in the evening after dinner I suggested that we all go for a family bike ride. That meant getting the kids into our little hitch trailer. We hit the streets and I volunteered to be the bike pulling the kids because I wanted the extra work. I think my muscles are going to let me know it tomorrow, but I don’t care. I hope I will be able to get out again tomorrow.20160504_183300.jpg

Also, my mom suggested a bath with Epsom salts, and then did more research and said oatmeal or baking soda were recommended. So, again my hubs allowed me to carve out a bit of time and I did a soak in the tub with a few tablespoons of baking soda. I was a little worried it might make it all flair up again, but in actual fact it helped dry things out which is very helpful.

I do look a little scary, what with the redness and now peeling skin. I don’t feel too inclined to go out in public, but I will no doubt have to shove down the ego and do it anyway for the kids.

A day that started out rough was turned around by some very timely empathy and thoughtfulness on my hubby’s part.

Feeling very grateful.


7 thoughts on “Day 25: Some Strides

  1. Hey Sharolyn, I’ve been reading your posts and I’m really rooting for you! I hope your skin calms down soon and gives you some relief. I can really relate to your struggles with the two littles, too. As special as these early years are, they are also so difficult at times. xo


    1. Thanks so much! All the support is really helpful, and I have learned that so many are going through the exact same thing. I truly hope I am going in the right direction! It is hard to be patient in regards to seeing the results. Thanks for following me on my journey!


  2. Sorry to hear about your health difficulties and hope you soon find some effective relief. I’ve had a lifetime of chronic hives. Doctors have never been able to determine what I’m allergic to, as I reacted to everything.when they tested me 😉 For me I was finally put on a daily 20mg Reactin regimen that eventually was dropped to 10mg and now I haven’t had to take anything for the past year…so far so good. I certainly don’t have to tell you that 24-7 itching is very draining. I’m certainly very pleased for that you have such a kind and supportive man in your life and wish you both all the very best.


    1. Bob, I didn’t know you were dealing with that. I sometimes think itching is worse than pain. It can drive you insane. I am glad that you found a solution, but gosh, dealing with that plus all the other stuff that came your way this past year or so. You are a tough man!


      1. Totally impressed and in awe of your determination and strength. Thank God for the love and support from Nat. The Universe will shower it’s blessing on you with loving healing rays!


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