So, I made a smoothie today…tentatively. I made sure to not mix too much, just a few low glycemic fruit (pear and apricot) and two greens ( celery and kale). It tasted good. I took it in slowly…and I felt good. My stomach still feels messed up from hurling yesterday so I didn’t eat much else until lunch time.

But it was a rough day, not only was I aggravated by itchiness on my hand and face (it’s spread there quite aggressively), my toddler has been coughing and cranky and she made going about our day rather challenging. When you are itching all over, it is hard to be patient. Luckily I also felt drained, so I couldn’t even summon the energy to be really mad…so it worked out. It looked like I was keeping my cool.

Also, when you are distracted by itchiness, cranky from  dealing with a challenging toddler and exhausted from junk food withdrawal, you don’t think much about shopping.

One thing I am proud of in regards to not needlessly shopping: Due to all of this eczema research I’ve been doing I’ve had renewed interest in fermentation. A friend of mine recently recommended the Art of Fermentation, a very interesting looking book. In the past I would have just jumped on Amazon and order the book, sight unseen. But no, instead I checked to see if the library had a copy, and sure enough they did. So I am now in posession of the book, faster than if I’d ordered it online, and now I have the motivation (three weeks) to read it right away and see if it’s for me or not.

Today I am feeling discouraged. But I know with this skin stuff it will probably have to get worse before it gets better. I just need to stay the course.

Thank you to everyone who has fired off messages of support, it means a lot. This detoxing on all fronts is quickly becoming a monumental challenge for me.


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