Okay. Funny story…

I launched day two of absolutely no sugars feeling pretty positive. I drank the recommended quart of water and then, after about a half hour, choked down my all green smoothie. That stuff is nasty!

Then, as I was sitting there reading a book to my toddler, with my 9 month old latched and nursing, I suddenly felt SO ill. I didn’t have time to unlatch and set her down before the green stuff was coming up. Yup. I puked. Like, all over. I’m still finding green splatters.

Hmmm. Let’s have a rethink here.

Perhaps it was just the combo of greens. Or too many greens packed in one drink. Perhaps it was the putting of this greens smoothie right on top of water that didn’t have adequate time to absorb. What I know is I went from, ready to have breakfast as soon as I finish this smoothie, to , can’t eat a thing.

I have noticed a decrease in my milk supply already. Not good.

So here, folks, is where the fervor from getting tons of info and advice eases and I start to synthesize what I know with what I know to be good for me. It’s hard to get here. I would have probably struggled on for a while longer had I not just experienced my body rejecting what I was trying to force down.

I need to remind myself that, no, I am not fighting cancer (thank you universe), I am not aiming to do an extreme detox (not good as it toxifies my milk supply), what I am aiming to do is get control of my diet (which had started to spiral down into loads of processed sugars and processed, packaged foods and eating out) in order to improve/eradicate my eczema. All of my small allowances added up. I was still under the illusion that I was eating healthy because I cook most nights of the week. But even then, some of those dinners were somewhat pre prepared.

So, the fact that I’ve cut dairy, and carbs, and refined sugar and started to add an abundance of fresh, organic greens,  and cook from scratch is significant. I still have the eczema but it is feeling less inflamed. Time will tell if it is going to go away or not. But I think I am on the right path, so long as I don’t demonize all my food and just find balance.

In that spirit, I skipped the Trader Joe’s grocery run (Lots of prepackaged delights) and went to the dreaded Whole Foods. I wanted to see if I could stay within budget there. The answer is, yes! So long as I was selective, looked for bulk dried legumes on sale, got the sale fruit and their in house brand, I was golden. I paid a bit more for my whole chicken, but seeing as it was an infinitely happier chicken and will serve not one but several meals, I think it’s a deal. I steered  clear of the aisles( such as the baby clothes and toys) that in the past have tempted me. I did good. I am doing good. I hope I am now on a good path. I found this great website on dealing with eczema through nutrition and it confirms my intuition regarding easing off on the extremes. Fruit, you are back on the menu! Thank god!


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