Let me get you up to speed.

Yesterday, day 21, I launched my campaign against this eczema AND my tendency to deny myself therapy/treatment thinking I’m not worth it.20160430_133654.jpg

I went to my first colon hydrotherapy session. Very eye opening (no puns or visuals intended). A lot of surrendering ( I drew a lot of parallels to being in labour…minus the pain!). I also got some very good nutritional advice from the therapist who is, by the way, 75 and looks about 58. It looks like my best option at the moment is to drop all sugar. I mean ALL sugar, including fruits…including carrots for gosh sakes.

Folks, green smoothies just got a lot harder to swallow.

I’m desperate to detox as best I can. I still have to worry about the effects on nursing and I am always ravenous, so this will be a huge challenge. But my eczema/rash has spread up my face and I have what appears to be hives (?) on my arms and legs. In short, I am itchy, and that can be maddening.

Hard to see but I have slightly dry bumpy skin on my chin and cheeks.

You know what else can be maddening? Having no sugar. I am expecting a low and some crankiness before things look up. Today is the first day completely sugar free. Yesterday I had a few carrots and an apple in my smoothie, so it doesn’t count. Grrr.

Hilariously, yesterday being the day I decided to really go all in, we were invited to a fundraiser for the art center in Calistoga. It was a dinner. Guess what I ate? The kale garnish on one of the hors d’oeuvres plates. I felt…conspicuous. Yeah, walking away from the table with a rather large leaf of kale and then setting about ripping off pieces and chewing, chewing, chewing like a not so cute bunny with bad eczema…I felt conspicuous.

Also, I have always had impatience for those who seem to have “extreme” diets or lifestyles. They always seem to be such buzz kills “Do you have a vegan option?” “I can’t have dairy, do you have an alternative?” “Is there gluten in that?”

Yeah, well here I am now. No sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, most grains.

What CAN I eat you ask? I don’t know. I am starving.

Ok, I do know a little bit. LOTS of leafy greens. Protein, though the red meats are not recommended. Legumes. Sea weed. Water.

And this is not forever. I love food way to much for that. I want to reset my body and then, I will maintain by eating healthy and balanced, sugars from fruits will be reintroduced. A little bit of everything in moderation. And as I reintroduce things, I will get insights into what might be triggers.

All that to say…I haven’t thought about shopping for anything unnecessary at all. I am way too distracted. We went to a fair today with so many booths selling this and that. I didn’t even look twice. Misery will help you lose all interest in anything. But it was a beautiful day and the girls had fun. The hubs and my kid had some carby, meaty sandwich and I went to the only vegan food stall and had coconut greens. I was ravenous, so they were ¬†delicious. Amazingly, looking at all the fair food, I wasn’t tempted. Again, misery will do that to you. I am focused on getting better!


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