Seriously? What do I have to do to get shopping out of my brain?

It’s been 20 days. I’ve purchased nothing but food for the family and myself, and one treatment to aid the healing of my eczema.

Yet… I considered going to Costco for a few needed items. But I caught myself thinking gleefully of wandering the aisles just “to see” what they have. So I shut me down. We went to the park instead. I don’t need anything from Costco immediately, and I have enough greens to get me through to the Saturday market where the fresh produce is much, much more quality.

And then…at the park I fell into conversation with other moms, as I am wont to do. Suddenly we were talking about baby shoes “oh, what shoes are those on her feet?” “keens” “Oh, keens are great” blablablablabla. I found myself promoting keens (they are good) and then the conversation moved to great deals and baby gap and old navy yadayadayada.

Needless to say, I had visions of great sales, the newest kids fashions and the excitement of thinking of my cuties walking around looking all fashion forward.

It’s not to say that a girl can’t dream. But for the foreseeable future, such visions that get the old shopper heart rate going, must remain just that. I was disappointed to discover that my brain is still wired towards the pathway of: “it would feel great to shop for a few things”.

Luckily the urge wasn’t strong enough for me to want to really act. But I did think sort of wanly about how it would be, oh ,345 days, until I could perhaps wander into one of those stores.

Now, clothes can be a necessity. And if the kiddo suddenly has another growth spurt, new clothes may become necessary. But as far as I see it, summer is almost upon us and T shirts and shorts can accommodate a little additional length. So can pants, in fact, as they conveniently become 3/4 length. Not until that drawer really starts to empty out will I consider a trip to the store, and when I do, I will bring with me a list of the items I need and the quantity too.

Did I mention that I also felt, as I talked about deals, good buys etc.  like a fraud? Yeah. I knew that I was talking the talk but no longer walking that walk. It’s a good thing…but I also felt that if I mentioned my shopping detox I might become a pariah among these moms who clearly embrace consumerism ( as I had a mere 20 days ago!). Crazy.

Wow. This challenge is incredibly eye opening.

I’ve got a lot to work through and observe in myself, but I am feeling good. I am on the right path.



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