Soooo. I am going to just write it as it comes up and not hide the facts, though that is what I want to do. I am going to lay the truth out there because that is what this challenge is all about.

I have just invested money in something that, one could term “not a necessity”. Folks, it’s not a bike or new jeans, its not toys for the kids or an espresso maker…it’s a colonics session.

A WAH?!? you ask.

I know, TMI. But this is where I’m at and I had a moment, before committing to this appointment where I thought, ‘I can’t do this, because it’s not a necessity. If I do this, I am failing the challenge’.

But then I delved deeper, and I realized that if I don’t do this, I am, in actuality, failing myself and ultimately this challenge which is to help me figure out what my real priorities are.

We always say that self care is the most important. We remind new mothers to take care of themselves so that they can take care of their family. But those, until now, have all just been words and essentially theory for me. And I should know better. I grew up with a mom who was a shiatsu therapist, and aunties who are shiatsu therapists, massage therapists and iridologists. Natural/alternative medicine and body work is not strange to me, it is actually quite normal…at least in theory…because I have not actually turned to these modalities much at all since reaching adulthood. I have skimped on myself and have never chosen to ‘fork over the dough’, so to speak. The message here being, ‘I am not worth that kind of money’.

Well, you know what, I am now 35. I am a mother of two beautiful, exhausting daughters. My body has served me very well up until now with not much thanks and praise on my part. I have assumed, up until now, that I will do just fine as I am because…well, because. But I am not fine. I have spreading eczema that is currently overwhelming my neck and chest area. I am irritable from the constant itching and distracted too. I don’t sleep enough. I feel toxic. I feel literally and figuratively stagnant.

I’m choosing now to invest in me. Into trying to restore myself, starting with a cleanse so that I can truly detoxify.

I don’t know if its going to work. But I do know that I need to try.




2 thoughts on “Day 19: How Do I Define “Necessities”?

  1. Hi sweetie! Good for you!! I just had a thought. I know you’re super thorough about researching things. But thought I’d mention this. I read a book recently about getting the healthiest breastmilk and they spoke a lot about detoxing. Apparently we must be very careful about how we do that so that our bodies don’t detox VIA our breastmilk (one of the routes it will naturally take apparently with a lot of standard detox regimes). They didn’t say anything about colonics. So I honestly don’t know about that one. But it might do to look into it. I have a bit of a guilty secret – after reading that book I ordered chlorella (their top recommended gentle detox for breastfeeding moms) and spent a ridiculous amount of money on it! Was thinking of your challenge the whole time. And now I don’t even like the way it tastes!! Haha! Must force myself for the wee one though. (A note as well, if you choose chlorella, you must be very careful about the source as many can have contaminants in them themselves). Oy, I’ve gone on and on!! Hope you don’t mind the input šŸ™‚ Way to go on taking care of you! And thanks always for your honest sharing! (PS I have eczema too! Eyes. Would love to hear if you find a solution.)


    1. Hey there! Thanks for your thoughts. I did do some research regarding detoxing and yes, absolutely you can effect breast milk. That’s why my “detox” is really just going off refined foods and sugar and upping my veggie and fruit intake via smoothies. Also eliminating dairy for a bit and caffeine just in case they are triggers for my eczema. I am still eating A LOT as I am a ravenous nursing mama. One reason I chose to do colonics is because, knowing that breast milk is made from our blood, and knowing that my skin break outs are the final result of my body being unable to clear toxins, thus pushing it through the skin- meaning toxins are already in my bloodstream, I feel like I need to “clear the exit” so to speak! Hopefully that will clear another elimination pathway so I can cleanse via the food I am eating rather than storing it in me!!!I will let you know how it goes! In the meantime,enjoy that chlorella! I tried the tablets and they are nasty- interestingly C loves them and thinks they are a treat!!!


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