It’s day 17. That is over two weeks! Not bad…but I have a looong way to go. I keep looking inwards to see if my resolve is wavering. A year is a long time. Temptation to spend is everywhere.

I was just thinking how this eczema break out could easily lead me to over spend on natural “cures”. At my itchiest, I get desperate to try anything. So far, I have spent on a Silver Gel to calm the wounds, I just went out and got some topical iodine to test myself for deficiency, I bought ingestible bentonite clay, I’ve also ramped up my veggie purchasing in order to make green smoothies. Even after all that I caught myself thinking of other things I could try/buy, and made myself look at what I already had in my cupboards. I have a wealth of supplements, I had a detox tea wallowing amidst my other teas, I had a half used bottle of castor oil that has healed my skin in the past, I had an open box of topical green clay.

So, I just need to stay aware, not get caught up hoping the next product will be the magic cure. Most important is that I am working from the inside out- topical is all good, but if I don’t fix my insides, it will just come back over and over. I am finally ready, after years of just suffering through, to deal with this. I am determined to get healthy, mentally and physically, all at once as it turns out!

A pretty funny aside: I just googled “is it normal to experience gas when taking green drinks”. Lol. My body is processing to say the least.

So here’s the list of what I am now avoiding:

Spending on anything but necessities





I made a curry tonight and didn’t eat the naan! That was HARD. But it feels good too. Universe, family and friends, give me strength to see this all through!!!



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