Playing a little catch up here. It seems that having kids can really get in the way of writing a daily blog. Go figure.

I am detoxing my body gently in  order to deal with the eczema that has recently reared its ugly head. Trying to go off most sugars is challenging to say the least. Not just because there is sugar in pretty much everything, but also because I still have to prepare foods for my kids… which, granted, should not be sugar laden either…but even a piece of toast, or some plain yogurt with granola has sugar content. I’m used to eating what they’re eating, but now I can’t. So…I found myself quite hungry yesterday. It’s already very easy to neglect your own needs when you have little kids, but trying to have a special diet is even more difficult to concentrate on. The upside is that everyone will benefit from my diet because I am not about to make a sugar filled one for everyone else. The challenge now will be to get everyone on board. I made a greens heavy smoothie this morning, light on the fruit and my toddler was not thrilled.  She’s used to the banana and berry heavy smoothies. Not unhealthy, just not what I am focused on right now. Right now I am all about the greens and only some sweet fruit to enhance but not dominate. Also trying to go off dairy which is tough. Toddlers like cheese, it’s just a fact.

This is challenging.

However, if I at any time feel deprived I would do well to revisit the documentary I watched on Netflix last week: Living on One Dollar a good watch if you want to get a real sense of what true deprivation and poverty looks like.


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