I’ve been a little distracted. I’ve dealt with some skin issues over the years, flair ups of eczema here and there that I’ve largely ignored. Well, for whatever reason, it’s reared up and will not be ignored. I’ve been so itchy this last week it’s been all I can do to not scream.

I need to get this under control quickly or I’ll go insane. I’ve had enough experience to know that a lot of this is tied to diet. So…on top of detoxing from shopping, I am also going to need to gently detox my body…namely removing sugars from my diet and flushing my system with a lot of liquid. I’m a nursing mom so I can’t just fast and start fresh.

So, I am going to be relying on my farmers’ markets to supply me with nutrient dense greens for smoothies and meals quite a bit I think.

This weekend was a challenge as we went to a parade/fair. SO much stuff to see and buy. I must say that I am rather proud of myself. I managed to pack a lunch for me, my mother-in-law and my kiddos so that we wouldn’t be tempted by all the fair food. There were a surprising number of freebie items that we took advantage of- including free ice cream samples which handily provided the “treat” my toddler was hoping for without having to spend a dime ( I stoically passed on the sugary ice-cream myself).20160423_123851.jpg

I allowed one grown up treat- we went to a coffee shop and I got a cappuccino, a steamed milk for my girl and a latte for my mother-in-law. Money well spent for a reprieve from the noise and bustle of the parade filled streets. However, given that it was my one treat in 14 days…I was rather disappointed to end up with a rather acrid cappuccino. Boo. Being the person I am, I did not go and return it for another…though perhaps I should have. Life is too short to drink bad coffee!!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t so hard to not spend during the event. I did worry that I would be a more boring companion since it was clear that all sales booths were out of bounds for me. But my mother-in-law reassured me that I brought all the entertainment she needed in tow with me in the form of my kids. So, it all worked out well.

Some change was spent on a balloon hat that a man I can only really call a “balloon master” made for my very excited kid. A tip seemed appropriate and well spent.

So, to detoxing on all levels! Here we go!20160423_131342.jpg



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