It’s Friday and an incredibly rainy day. Still, we got our butts in gear and went to the Children’s Museum.

What a fun place! This is the kind of stuff we need to be doing, and the money invested for a yearly membership there is well spent. We were lucky to receive this years membership as a gift; but when it comes up in July I would consider this one a necessity. To have somewhere so awesome to go on a rainy day (any day actually) is truly a blessing.

There were two moments of temptation there, surprisingly. One for my toddler and one for myself but I am happy to report we passed with flying colours.

My toddler stood behind a girl who was looking at a rack of wearable butterfly wings for sale. She watched as the girl twirled the rack and looked at all the colours, watched as the girl pulled one off and asked her mom if she could buy it…and my kid was happy to just watch. Phew. Perhaps just two weeks of no additional spending has put it out of her mind? Maybe it’s too early to hope. But I really was surprised that she didn’t ask if she could buy some wings too.

For me, it was the coffee guy. There’s a man who recently started setting up a coffee booth outside. I’d often said that the museum would be the perfect place for everyone, not just the kids, if only there was some coffee to be had. Well, voila, there he is. Only, now I am not spending on those extras. I gave his coffee pour overs a good look as I walked passed several times on the way to various displays, but I did not buy.

Good on us.


Money not spent: $3…possibly $6 because I usually get pulled into selecting a pastry too.



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