Nothin’ doin’. Got up and just wanted to sleep again. Of course, when you’re a mom of two under three, that is not an option.

Boredom. Mommies get bored. It’s not all sunshine and baked apple pie. Sometimes we miss adult interaction and conversation. Sometimes we just can’t handle another trip to the park.

I suppose that’s how I ended up shopping a little too much with my kids in tow. I see a lot of other families doing it- going shopping for entertainment. I gotta say, I used to judge other moms for doing it when I wasn’t one myself. I thought ‘ now there’s a recipe for creating a consumerism minded and/or a spoiled kid’.

Now I get it. You sometimes need to do something not kid related…but with kids. Ergo, shopping. It ties in with needs- often you are going because you need to get necessary supplies. But then there’s the extras, often available in the very store you’re in (so many ‘everything’ stores now a days) or just a few doors down. You can kill a lot of time wandering the aisles of a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or better yet, a thrift store. You can get some great deals too.

But (there’s a big but) you are also modeling for your kid how to use their time. I personally, don’t think it’s a great use of time: It’s not outdoors, it’s not active, it involves the spending of money on extras, it’s not imaginative, it exposes them to a plethora of branding and it demonstrates a kind of “void filling” through consumerism. Not high on my list of “things to teach my child”.

Today was overcast and uninspiring. On any other day I would perhaps pile the the kids in the car and go to a thrift store or a Marshall’s to “look for deals” or neat “knick knacks”. Basically to give us some sort of indoor activity outside of the house. Inevitably I would end up spending on a few things that would catch my eye. Not a lot, but it would add up and also add to the clutter in the house.

Instead, we stayed in today. I let the potential for boredom settle in. I don’t have to be afraid of boredom nor my kids either( I read an article about boredom…there are a lot out there…and essentially, boredom spurs on the imagination and creativity). In fact, accepting that here was where we were going to stay and embracing that let a space open up in me. I plugged away at my uke working on some strumming patterns and the girls mostly entertained themselves. I actually had some time to think.

Not bad for a lazy, boring day.


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