It’s hard to do groceries when you’re hungry. I was really hungry today. My stomach is still not back to normal after a bout with food poisoning, but I’m also a nursing mom so I had the ol’ hunger pangs as I walked down the aisles of the grocery store this morning.

While my resolve to buy only foods I would use to make things and not the pre-made stuff i.e. apples if I wanted apple sauce, popping corn if I want the bagged stuff etc, wavered a little bit, I still managed to only get the necessities and stick to my weekly budget.

I did realize, however, that shopping without a list is foolhardy. One, because I end up wandering the aisles (and who has time to wander when you’ve got a two-year old in your cart demanding “samples, samples” and a 9 month old strapped to your body with an ergo). Two, because I end up forgetting something  and three, I don’t know if I am buying enough to last not just the work week but the weekend. I’ve got to work on that.

I did meet a fellow mom in the aisles whom I know in passing, and as we chatted, I noticed her great harem pants. Briefly I thought of my online search several weeks ago for a good pair of said pants, but unable to find any, I temporarily gave up. I will now have to give up on it entirely, at least for 356 more days I will. They are certainly not a necessity; the urge to get them is not based in need but desire. I thought they’d look cool on me. So, perhaps vanity comes into play. Maybe I’d temporarily feel really good about myself until my hubby came home and said ” what is that you’re wearing?” and then the thrill would be gone.

So, other than that, no other thoughts of needless consumerism crossed my mind. I’m still resolved.


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