The mind is amazing. It really can play tricks.

I was thinking about what I would write on the blog today and thinking how boring it would become because I don’t really have a problem with spending. Clearly, it’s been 10 days and it hasn’t been very hard. I’ve had no major urge to purchase anything. Maybe I should just let it go, because, who really cares? No one is actually reading my posts.

I was almost convinced.

And then I caught myself thinking with excitement about buying more books for my kids…as I was reading books we’d just taken out from the library. I was enjoying reading to them while we laid there in the shade on a blanket. The high from experiencing such a lovely moment made me…want to buy the potential for more of it?!?!

Instead, we stayed put. Read all the books we had borrowed. Snacked and played. I met and chatted with a few fellow mommies, and then we walked home.

I may not be a big spender, but I am definitely not free of the need to be a consumer. Until my days are empty of thoughts of things I could purchase, this challenge continues.


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