Day 8

Oh, the irony of having titled my last post “purging” in reference to getting rid of stuff around the house. What also happened last night was that my two year old and I had a bout of food poisoning and ended up doing the other kind of purging, all night long.

With the resilience that only a toddler can have, she woke  up fresh and fearless and ready to take on a new day (and food) having vomited no less than 6 times over the course of the evening. I, on the other hand, possessing not the same kind of miracle recovery skills, spent the day miserable and doubled over. Perhaps I ate a lot more of what ever it was. I don’t know.

Needless to say there was absolutely no chance to think about buying anything…unless you count the saltines and ginger ale. A necessity in my book. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better one.


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