When you can’t buy…then sell!

I’ve been talking about having a garage sale for quite some time. My hubs was not too into it, but I decided to force the issue this weekend and he grudgingly went along.

My toddler thought it was the greatest thing in the world: we were running  a real live store and she was the most enthusiastic greeter. Though, I almost needed to shush her when she greeted a woman with “Hello little lady…HELLO LITTLE LADY!!!”Not sure where she got that from…luckily she’s so cute she can be forgiven. And watching her give away some of her toys to other kids was gratifying to say the least. I do want to raise my kids to be not so attached to things and have a generous spirit.

For me, someone who has always enjoyed playing store ever since I was a wee tot, this was really fun. It felt incredible to be emptying our garage of accumulated junk (the main reason the hubs got on board) and I got a boost from the fact that I was making some money. Yes, for this stay at home mom, finally getting some hard cash felt GOOD. And in line with allowing the unneeded items to move on rather than molder in our garage, we sold everything rather cheaply, gave in to any request for a lower price and threw in a lot of freebies. It’s also about sharing that loving feeling – some folks got some great deals they can feel good about.

Got some more great advice from family via this link . I really appreciate all the support and ideas flowing my way, so keep them coming!!

Had a fleeting urge to immediately spend the cash on a dinner out, but quickly realized that putting it into a discretionary fund would feel infinitely better.

One week down, infinitely more to go.




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