Okay. It’s day 6 and I am just starting to catch the faintest whiff of panic in the back of my mind.

It’s Friday, and so far we’ve kept it simple. The best way I’ve found in the past to avoid spending is to stay busy and keep my distance. So, it was to the park we went. I sense a lot of parks in our future. AND we brought our new sand toys.20160411_112205.jpg This was a purchase made, spur of the moment, only last week. It seemed necessary at the time, and “it was only $10”. So it needs to be USED. I got out the sharpie, wrote our initials on all the pieces, and we laid it out there for all the kids to use. God knows we’ve relied on the amazing mommies who frequent the parks for their sand toys many a time, so it was our turn to provide. My kiddo played with other kids’ toys still…begging the question, was this really a “necessary” item? Time will tell. At least they were enjoyed by all (and I know this because we are already missing one item from the bucket- se la vie!)20160415_115633.jpg

It’s Friday. I mentioned that already. But there is something about Friday that starts me getting excited. Maybe the knowledge that my hubby will be home for two whole days to help out with the kids is what that is. But there is also this ingrained emotion around Friday…and its that emotion that makes me want to celebrate…with food. Food that we get at a restaurant. Somehow, I feel like I made it all the way through the week, now I deserve a break. But this kind of “treat” while sounding very reasonable, can get out of hand. Because, truth be told, on Saturday I realize that I really didn’t plan my grocery shopping very well and don’t have anything to cook, so let’s eat out. And then on Sunday I am jonesing for a really hearty breakfast that only one of the many diners in town can provide ( breakfast is my favourite meal, by far). “Treats” as we call it are not like the ones I had as a kid. When I was growing up we ate out extremely rarely. When we did, it was an event, it was notable, it was exciting. My generation now takes eating-out for granted. And it shows in the ding to our wallets.

Now, the thing that has me silently panicking is: am I no longer allowed a break now and then? Can I not eat out for an entire year? I need to run this by the hubs for sure. Because, it’s been a feast up until now, but if I go straight to famine mode, I think this whole challenge might fall down around me in ruins.

So, I also ask you, my community. Can eating out on the rare occasion be a necessity? Should I cut it out completely, or should I have, say, a budget for occasional outings to a restaurant?


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