Hit up the Wednesday farmers’ market this morning with the chiddlers. I knew I needed to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as I could. What I needed were: greens for smoothies dinners for the remainder of the week. The better I am at getting what I need, the less likely I am to “run out of supplies and ideas” by the weekend and start desiring restaurant food.

The first challenge: Retrograde coffee, they make a mean cappuccino ( my go-to indulgence and general pick-me-up)…right next door, Red Bird bakery, which makes the most divine pastries and breads I have ever encountered…and I live in Nor Cal. I purchased none of it. Gack!

My 2 year old was saying “I’m hungry!” but we didn’t get any supplementary treats. Nope, it was straight home to make lunch.

Good mommy.

Money I didn’t spend: $10


My last impulse buy, a ukulele, arrived in the mail today while we were taking our afternoon nap (that’s right: we. I nap with the kids if I can help it).

Now, the question here is, should I return it? The answer, my friends, is “no”. Since I purchased it before I started my challenge, I am going to keep it.  But I need to incorporate it into the challenge by making sure I put my “mouth where the money is” if you know what I’m saying…probably not. What I mean is, I talked a good talk inside my head in regards to why I needed this item and went as far as putting up money for it. Now I have got to use it. Not just for a day or two, but really use it.20160413_155502.jpg

I must say, the rush of receiving the box from Amazon was a big one. And it didn’t fade when I opened the box. This ukulele is REALLY cool. So cool in fact that I immediately wanted to play with it…but of course, my kids woke up and wanted to climb me like a jungle gym, so that was out of the question for a while. Then I had to be okay with my toddler plucking away at the strings and then taking it out and leaving it in the driveway while I cooked dinner. But I got to sit down with it intermittently in the evening while the kids played. I learned two songs tonight and really enjoyed it. Perhaps more than the kids…so the whole kumbaya vision is still in the works. Perhaps when I am more proficient.

My hubs thought it was pretty absurd that I got a uke. He also mumbled something about, ‘isn’t this sort of like a fast…you end up binging’, that is to say (let me translate) was this impulse buy a result of planning to not spend? And the answer is probably yes. He is very astute. I must admit that the idea of a spending fast was already rolling around in my brain several weeks ago. Just before I committed to this challenge, I had a spate of purchases that could be seen as a last gasp…but they were also the impetus for me to start this whole thing.

See, my hubs is sharp. That’s why, for the next 361 days he is the one I will have to run any questionable purchases by. He has no such spending problems. What a well adjusted man.




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