So far so good. Though it’s amazing how often in a day I think about things I could purchase. Just now, as I was reading a few “Hello” baby magazines to my toddler I was thinking about how it would be nice to get a subscription for my 8 month old. Again, nice, but not a necessity. What does a baby care if she is being read a new or used magazine?It’s really about me, about me liking new and different (read: not repetitive) things. It’s along the same lines as me wanting to go to MacDonald’s to get my kid a Happy Meal..because, if I am going to be honest, I want to see what toy she’ll get. Crazy.

Today being a Monday, our routine is to go to our Music Together class and then hit up the grocery store. Trader Joe’s, it just so happens, shares the same parking lot as a hospice thrift store. 20160411_103741.jpg20160411_103448.jpg I love thrifting. It’s become a sort of pattern for us to peruse the thrift store aisles before we go get our groceries. Often, we end up leaving with a few kids’ toys or clothes. The last such trip, I had to carry my toddler out kicking and screaming because she didn’t want to go. One of the few events that sort of got me thinking about what kind of example I want to be setting for my kid…and always needing to shop and/or purchase something is not what I want to model.

The grocery store in itself is a challenge. I.e.  the flowers that promise some colour and a little pizzazz for the home 20160411_103754.jpgand the treats aisle20160411_103836.jpgI kept reminding myself that I only needed the bare necessities. And I did it, I didn’t feel a sense of deprivation, rather a sense of pride.

So, day two is done. Only 363 more to go!


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