Screw it. I’m not going to over-think this thing. The best things that have happened in my life are the result of diving in head first without thinking about all the various angles.

This challenger scares me.

I think I will most likely fail, but I’m also afraid of failing.

I’m going to start now because today I resisted buying several things that I was interested in, just to “see if I could do it”. I might as well count it, right?

There’s no rhyme or reason for the first day being today other than I just need to start.

So here goes: 365 days of shopping detox.

Day 1: I met an artist at the Fisherman’s Festival today in Bodega Bay. Her work was right up my alley. She worked in ink and watercolor and her subject matter was animals in all sorts of whimsical and humerous manifestations. She was selling prints at such great price points. Mostly, I wanted to support her work, because I know how hard it is to sell art and make a living at it. I wanted to vote for her with my buck. Especially after having a nice chat with her. I felt embarrassed, actually, to walk away with just her business card in my hand, like every other schmuck who says they like art but don’t actually buy any of it.

That was hard.

Check her out here: Amy Rose Moore

There was also an amazing ceramicist whose pieces were, not kidding, all my favorite. I was like a kid in a candy store because she treated her ceramics like an illustrator.

Her prices, I am not going to lie, gave me pause. Not because they weren’t totally worth it, but were I not doing this challenge it is still unlikely that I would have purchased anything from her today. But it didn’t stop me from coveting her stuff. Liz R


Money I didn’t spend: $20


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